luísa telles



2020 Kurz & Schmerzlos (upcoming), Altonale. Hamburg, DE/ It takes place behind glass and windows (upcoming), Hfbk. Hamburg, DE/ Tupi or Not, Raum linksrechts. Hamburg, DE/ Kunst in Zeiten von Corona, Hinterconti. Hambug, DE/ Die Balkone Kunst in Quarantänezeiten, Hfbk. Hamburg, DE/ A Body Bigger then a Map, Egeu. Lisbon, PT/ Jahresausstellung, Hfbk. Hamburg, DE 2018 7. Triennial of Photography, Deichtorhallen Museum. Hamburg, DE/  The Space Behind Things, MOM Art Space. Hamburg, DE/ Jahresausstellung, Hfbk. Hamburg, DE 2017 Contratempo, Fábrica Braço de Prata. Lisbon, PT

2020 Lerchenfeld Magazine #54. DE 2018 Camera Austria Magazine #142. DE 2015 Passageiros. BR/ Criando Espaços Entre. BR

2019/21 DAAD Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Field of Fine Art. Hamburg, DE 2020 Karl H. Ditze Stiftung. Hamburg, DE 2017/18 Erasmus + Mobility Grant to study abroad at Hfbk. Lisbon, PT

curatorial project
2020 Tupi or Not, Raum linksrechts. Funded by Karl H. Ditze Stiftung. Hamburg, DE

2019/20 Tutor for Dr. Astrid Mania, Professor of Art Criticism and Art History of Modernism. Hfbk, Hamburg, DE 2016/17 Workshops and guided tours, MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. Lisbon, PT 2014/16 Photography workshops at Sesc Pompéia, Rever, Casa Cactus, among others. São Paulo, BR

2018/20 MFA Photo, Profs. Broomberg&Chanarin/ Time-based Media, Prof. Sam Durant, Hfbk. Hamburg, DE 2016/18 MFA Multimedia Art, Prof. Susana de Sousa Dias/ Prof. Alexandre Estrela, Fbaul. Lisbon, PT 2010/15 Psychology Diploma, Puc. São Paulo, BR
Luísa Telles (*1991, Brasil) is a visual artist and researcher working with audiovisual media and photography. The focus of her works is on how images and situations are produced and experienced in the digital age, in the postcolonial debates around arquives, and in feminist readings on art history. In this flux of data in which both images and their significances travel, nomadic pictures and objects are exhibited in time-based works and site specific installations. 
In 2020 she exhibited at Egeu (PT) and Hinterconti (DE); as well as curated a group show with Latin American artists based in Hamburg at Raum linksrechts (DE). Telles recently exhibited in Germany at House of Photography | Deichtorhallen Museum, Mom Art Space and was published in Camera Austria Magazine in 2018. Telles also teaches Art Criticism and Modern Art History as a tutor for Dr. Astrid Mania in Hfbk Hamburg, and researches material for the daily podcast An Artwork a Day.

With a DAAD Grant for 2019/21, she is studying Photography under Profs. Broomberg&Chanarin at the Hochschule für Bildende Künst Hamburg. Telles also holds a Master's degree in Multimedia Art from the University of Lisbon (2018) and a Psychology degree from Puc São Paulo (2015). Currently lives and works in Germany.